What is cbd?

In basic terms, CBD or Cannabidiol is one of around 113 active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Recent research has discovered that it can have far more powerful medicinal and therapeutic effects than any other cannabinoid found in cannabis. 

Can I get high from cbd oil?

The answer is NO! The products sold on our website contain only trace or 0% amounts of THC, so you will not get high using any products.

Is it safe to travel with cbd?

CBD is legal throughout the EU but we still recommend caution when travelling with any products containing CBD. A large amount of people still don’t understand what CBD is and may mistake it for a Cannabis product, especially the authorities. If you are travelling outside of Europe we strongly recommend not travelling with products containing CBD.

Is cannabis grown organically?

All the CBD products are grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. Hemp does not require any additional, unnatural help in growing due to it being an incredibly resilient and a fast growing plant. All derived from organically grown, medicinal hemp that is certified pesticide and GMO-free with no heavy metals present in the soil. We only use the C02 extraction method, proven to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly extraction method available. Due to our gentle refining process, our CBD molecules are not damaged or weakened by any harsh chemicals or gruelling refining processes.

How should I take cbd oil?

We recommend taking the CBD Oil products Sublingual method (Drops under the tongue) this is beneficial for users who are sensitive to taste. CBD Oil concentrates when placed in the sublingual area under the tongue, quickly goes into the bloodstream through tiny capillaries, without needing to go through the digestive system

What are the health benefits of cbd?

CBD Cyprus are aware of hundreds, if not thousands of studies into the benefits CBD has on the body and mind but due to MHRA laws, we have to advise all our customers do research in to this area for themselves.